Welcome to Mirage Island Resort Pulau Besar, Johor.

As you step off the boat, feel the magic of Mirage Island Resort begin to work its spell upon you. Catch the sound of the soft tropical breeze as it whispers through the palm trees and you gaze on the beautiful white sand beach, you know that here, for a while, you can truly relax.

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Family Room

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The food was perfect, the staff very friendly, the room beautiful (and beautifully decorated because it was our honeymoon) and the people on the island very hospitable!

John Doe (Editor in Chief, Envato)

We stayed here the last few days of a one month trip and it was wonderful!

Paul Shneider (Columnist, Travel Magazine)

I have been there many times, with many friends. Always the same great welcoming and service. Don't expect anything fancy! just laid back, having drinks and relax. Highly recommended!

Jolene Forest (Editor, Best Resorts Magazine)